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Chad J Country is here for YOU. My reason to exist is so i can help, interact, and entertain you, the listener, and country fan.

We are 100% country. if you snapped me in half i would have country written all the way through me just like a stick of rock.

You will find a host of resources here including

Chad J Country has just won a prestigious Bronze award in the 2020 ISSA awards for International Radio Station of the year.

ISSA 2020 Bronze award to Chad J Country
ISSA 2020 Bronze award to Chad J Country







Country music is now worldwide and as such our family is growing at a fantastic rate.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, what colour your skin is, what your religion is, its all about our common bond that is Country Music

To us here you are all part of our country family and we hope you enjoy all that we have to offer.

The amazing Helena Mace has been so lovely and recorded a little something for us all on the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Here is Helena singing “We’ll Meet Again”


It’s official
Chad J Country is a
Thank you soooooo much to all who have voted for Chad J Country in the 2020 Issa awards
You are all amazing and I feel very humbled to be part of your life and your time.
Chad J Country ISSA 2020 Finalist
Chad J Country ISSA 2020 Finalist

Everyone at Nashville Worldwide (@NashvilleWorld1 ) would like to wish the God Father of country music @WhisperingBob a very happy birthday.

Have an amazing 75th birthday and safe Bob.


What song do you think I should launch Nashville Worldwide with on the 1st May.

Let me know your thoughts and it may be the one to start something big.

I'm thinking something by @MegPatrickMusic

This is going to be a fantastic country radio station for the planet

Dont forget to vote for Chad J Country in the ISSA 2021 awards.

1 vote per device per day.
Please vote for my friends too



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